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One of mankind's problems has always been orientation. Just think about those who crossed the oceans or those who explored new and unknown territories. Getting lost also meant dying! Being able to read a map, a compass or to observe the stars was fundamental.

Now, things have changed… now, you can buy a GPS, which is able to provide us with our exact position on the planet at any time, for less than 100 Euro.
GPS is a highly accurate global positioning system originally created for the army by the American Defense Ministry. Later on it was adapted to various civil scopes like for example hiking in the mountains.

Examples of mountain hikes in Val Badia saved on GPS:

- L Ciaval 2911 m - Sasso Croce Badia
- Piz Boè 3152 m Corvara
- Crëp de Sela Corvara


Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt where all "geocachers", hence the participants, use a GPS in order to hide or find various objects of different types and sizes.
The objects used in this "treasure hunt" are called "geocache". Within each geocache you have to find at least one "logbook", hence a small note pad on which participants leave a sign of their route.
Meanwhile, many organisations throughout Italy offer these events, amongst those Geocaching Italia.

This activity originates from the USA and has now conquered the whole of Europe, including the Dolomites where real treasure hunts are organised with hundreds of participants. It is definitely fun and interesting to experience nature in a very different way from the classic activities in the mountains.


On the 26th of June 2009, the Dolomites were officially declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is the second UNESCO natural heritage site in Italy; the first UNESCO site were the Aeolian Islands.

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